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Tanggapin ang resulta pero magbantay! Ping to poll winners: We may not be their masters, but definitely they are our servants

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Respect their mandate, but keep an eye on them.

This was Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s advice to the public on Tuesday, as the winners of the 2019 national and local elections continued to emerge.

“When the dust has settled and the winners have been officially proclaimed, they will have the distinct privilege to serve the Filipino people. Let us make ourselves clear on one point: we may not be their masters but definitely, they are our servants,” Lacson said in a tweet.

In a separate statement, Lacson said it is important for Filipinos to respect the will of the majority.

“(L)et us bear in mind that we are all Filipinos who love democracy, no matter the flaws and weaknesses,” he said.

However, he stressed the public must keep an eye on their new “public servants,” saying that while “we may not be their masters, but definitely, they are our servants.”

“What is important is that we respect the voice of the majority but without abandoning our responsibility to continue our vigilance against abuses and wrongdoings of those given the mandate to serve,” he added.

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