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MANILA – Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Friday extended PHP200,000 cash assistance to the Filipino household worker who experienced maltreatment in the hands of her employer, Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Marichu Mauro.

“Just sent her PHP200,000 to tide her over. She doesn’t have to do or say anything for it. It’s hers for being what she is — an OFW (overseas Filipino worker). Plus, it’s her tax money,” Locsin said in his Twitter account.

The DFA did not identify the 51-year old Filipino helper but said she left Brasilia on October 21. In a GMA News report, the Filipina’s family decried the envoy’s abusive acts, asking how she was able to digest maltreating another human being, a fellow Filipino she swore to protect abroad.

“Sabi ko po grabe naman, bakit ginanyan mo kapatid ko? Pareho naman kayong Pinoy, kawawa naman (When I saw the video, I was shocked. They were both Filipino, how can she do that to her),” her sister said.

Even before, she narrated that her sister had no freedom to use communication devices nor go outside the diplomat’s residence when she was still under Mauro.

Seeing the magnitude of maltreatment against the Filipina helper, her sister demanded that Mauro be brought to justice.

“Kawawa naman ‘yong kapatid ko ginaganyan niya. Dapat siyang makulong, wala siyang awa (My poor sister, what had she done to deserve that. She should be jailed, she had no mercy),” said the victim’s sister who remained unidentified in the report.

As of this posting, the DFA is conducting a preliminary investigation into Mauro who was caught on CCTV footage assaulting the service staff several times. (PNA)

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