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Teddy Casiño sees God’s hand in raffle for party-lists’ sequence on ballot: Bayan Muna is 1st, Mocha Uson’s Kasosyo is last


Former Bayan Muna party-list Rep. Teddy Casiño couldn’t help but see God’s hand in the results of the Commission on Elections’ (Comelec) raffle for the sequence of listing party-lists in the ballot of the 2019 elections.

Casiño on Wednesday (December 5) revealed that Bayan Muna was drawn to be the first on the ballot in the electronic raffle held by the Comelec at its office in Manila.

Meanwhile, Kasosyo party-list, which named former Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson as its first nominee, was drawn to be printed last on the ballot.

Casiño tweeted about the results: “How is it that Bayan Muna got the number 1 spot in the raffle of partylist positions on the ballot, while Mocha Uson’s party got the last slot at 181? Nagpaparamdam si Lord.”

Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez, however, clarified that the sequence of party-lists’ order on the ballot is not yet final since some groups failed to send a representative to the raffle.

He said those without a representative and signature acknowledging their spot on the list would be placed in alphabetical order on the ballot after Kasosyo.