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Teddy Locsin to Mar Roxas: Run for president in 2022 but avoid ‘yellow crowd’

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After suffering a defeat in the recent presidential polls, should Mar Roxas take another shot at the presidency in 2022? Former Makati Rep. Teddy Locsin Jr. thinks so.

In a series of tweets, Locsin has encouraged Roxas not to retire from politics and consider another presidential run.

“I want Mar to hang in there and stick to politics. He is young. 2019 is around the corner; 2022 he will be a faster boxer,” Locsin tweeted.

But he urged the former Interior and Local Government secretary to “stay away from the Yellow crowd” and run his campaign alone. “Next time, Mar should stay away from Yellow Crowd. There was a Roxas long before there was an Aquino,” he said.

On Mar’s recent defeat, Locsin commented: “He should have listened to me: never go back to the man who stabbed you in the back in 2010. Run alone. He is a Roxas.”

The former newspaperman said Roxas would likely compete against Sen. Bongbong Marcos or Senator Grace Poe in the 2022 presidential elections. “It will be Mar vs Marcos or Grace, Leni won’t be in that race,” he tweeted.