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Riding in tandem! De Lima says Duterte, Calida working as a team to bring critics down


President Rodrigo Duterte and Solicitor General Jose Calida have formed “a tandem” in killing justice in the country.

Detained Senator Leila de Lima made the remark on Friday adding that the President has found “a great partner in Calida in undermining the country’s justice system by fabricating trumped-up charges to silence his administration’s critics.”

She noted that Duterte has confirmed it was Calida who did most of the research work to unearth the alleged ‘flaws’ in the amnesty granted to Senator Sonny Trillanes by then President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino in 2011.

“Si Duterte at Calida, tandem sa pagpaslang ng hustisya sa bansa,” De Lima said.

She claimed that Mr. Duterte has resorted to ordering the jailing of his critics, including her, because he fears prosecution and trial for “widespread” human rights violations during his rule.

Since Mr. Duterte assumed presidency, more than 23,000 have been killed either by “legitimized” police operations or vigilante-style executions, she said.

Worse, the innocent children who died are now regarded by the government as mere “collateral damage,” the opposition senator said.

The senator from Bicol said that while the authorities failed to arrest Trillanes who remains at the Senate building to date, his situation is reminiscent her plight.

De Lima ecalled that she was also holed up, overnight, in her Senate room before she “surrendered” to authorities on Feb. 24, 2017 and was eventually detained at the Phil. National Police Custodial Center on drug charges.