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Thanks Trump! De Lima hopes EU, Canada to ban PH officials behind her detention too

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Overwhelmed and grateful.

Senator Leila de Lima has welcomed US President Donald Trump’s signing of a law prohibiting the entry of Philippine officials behind her supposed “unjust” detention, hoping other nations will follow suit.

De Lima, in a latest statement, said the latest US legislation validates that she is a “clear victim of political persecution.”

“My gratitude to the US Congress is overwhelming for including in the final and approved Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2020, now signed into law by the US President, the provision restricting the travel to the US of those responsible for and party to my persecution and imprisonment, or the Durbin/Leahy amendment,” she said in a statement posted on Facebook.

“It is only a matter of time before the European Union, Canada, and other nations follow suit in imposing sanctions on Duterte, his officials and their cohorts,” she added.

She said the latest US development indicates that “impunity cannot last and that one way or another, justice will catch up with those who choose to do injustice to others.” “This also signifies a solid recognition by the US government that I am a clear victim of political persecution,” she added.

The new law not only denies the issuance or cancels existing US travel visas to Philippine government officials involved in De Lima’s supposed wrongful imprisonment, but also reportedly freezes and forfeits their US assets, properties, and bank accounts.

“Once this is also implemented, we will witness how the world of human rights violators in the Philippine government increasingly shrinks. This will teach them that human rights is not a domestic concern, but a universal interest that affects the security of all nations, regardless of where the violations occur,” De Lima said.

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