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President Rodrigo Duterte is convinced Vice President Leni Robredo does not have what it takes to win as president.

“You cannot become a president really. Mahina ka eh…I hate to say this, but kung ganun ka, huwag kang magtakbo ng (presidente) — talagang mahina ka. You do not know and then you lied,” he said .

Duterte lashed back at Robredo for making him look bad during last week’s disaster when she highlighted the absence of the President while the a number of the country’s citizens were suffering from the typhoon’s fury.

Duterte went on to lecture Robredo on knowing her place, how the chain of command worked and how disasters forces were deployed two to three days before a typhoon made landfall.

“So ‘pag sinabi mo mag-order, you do not… Ano bang gawain mo? Wala, tapos na ‘yan. It has become a fait accompli question for you. You do not give orders on the day of the battle. You go and tell your soldiers to deploy and to take their position so that when the enemy comes, you would be able to respond appropriately,” said Duterte/

“When the storm is raging, wala ka ng order maibigay sometimes the lines are cut. Ano pa bang ibigay mong order diyan? It’s too late. Or sabi mo mag-ano ka — kukunin pa nila ‘yung mga ba — mga boats diyan sa ano. They were already near to the nearest military installations, naka-standby na.. Wala ka nang ibigay order kasi ang order naibigay na two or three days. You do not give orders on the day of the war. Patay ka.” he added.

Duterte warned Robredo against starting a quarrel with him.

“Do not compete with me…kasi ikaw wala ka talagang nagawa except ‘yang mga tawag-tawag. Tatawag ka kunwari o nasaaan na ‘yung mga helicopter nalipad na ba? Of course they would say yes,” he said.

“Your question would suggest the answer. Iyon bang ano mga helicopter natin na-deploy? Iyong ating mga ano nandoon na? Yes, yes, yes ‘yan puro. Then you make it appear na gumalaw ang Armed Forces. Kaya kita mo ininsulto ka ng dalawang generals. The one is I think a Marine officer and the other one is an Army. Kita mo ininsulto ka. You are not part of the command,” he added.

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