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The joke’s on you! Duterte denies flying to Hong Kong for checkup after telling reporters he’s ‘positive’


President Rodrigo Duterte has denied going to Hong Kong for a checkup after leading reporters on that he tested “positive” while he was abroad.

Facing the Malacañang Press Corps on Tuesday (October 9), Duterte said he was “positive” when he went to Hong Kong.

“Dito sa Pilipinas, negative ako. Pagpunta ko sa Hong Kong, nag-positive ako. So sabi ko sa doktor, ‘Ano ang sakit ko?’ ‘Sabi niya, “Battery syndrome,'” the President shared.

Asked what the “Battery Syndrome” meant, Duterte explained: “This is a ‘Battery Syndrome’ because may positive, negative na. Kagaya ng baterya.”

“Doon sa Hong Kong. Alam mo bakit ginawa ko ‘yan? Kay kung dito ko sabihin negative ako, sabihin man ng mga kalaban ko, positive ako. Kung sabihin ko rin positive ako, sabihin, “Ah drama lang ‘yan. Negative ‘yan.” So gawa-gawa din ako ng istorya,” he added.

Pressed to clarify whether he indeed tested positive for a certain illness, Duterte said: “The joke is on you. Bakit ako magpa-check-up-check-up doon? Namili ako ng damit kay wala na akong damit.”

The President went on an unannounced Hong Kong trip over the weekend with his long time partner, Honeylet Avanceña and their daughter Kitty.

Malacañang had to confirm the trip after photos of Duterte with his family at a clothing store in Causeway Bay surfaced on a journalist’s blog.