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The President’s choice: Philippine Star gets first dibs on asking Duterte after China, HK trip


Never has the Philippine Star’s light shone so brightly as under the Duterte administration, with its scoops and incisive reporting about the small but interesting details of the Chief Executive’s life.

The Star’s status as Duterte’s paper of choice was reaffirmed when he gave preference to its Davao correspondent, Edith Regalado, during the press briefing that followed his arrival from a working visit to Hong Kong Friday (April 13).

After his speech, Duterte opened the floor to questions from reporters who waited for him.

“You always start with the Philippine Star. It’s shining brightly with you around, Ms. Regalado,” the President said.

Before leaving for China four days earlier, it was also Regalado who had the privilege of asking Duterte first.

The President even asked the Star reporter how the paper was.

“Ang Star ninyo okay lang?” he asked.

Regalado had known Duterte since he was mayor.

In March, Star editor Marichu Villanueva was among the select journalists who Duterte invited to Malacañang for a free wheeling chat.