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The sooner my children get out of politics the better! Duterte tells Sara Presidency will destroy you

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President Rodrigo Duterte is hoping that his children will quit politics before the Western-funded media destroy them.

“The earlier that they go out of politics the better. And Inday, I am publicly warning her. The presidency will not educate you, it will just destroy you,” said Duterte in an interview in Davao City.

“Especially with the kind of media ngayon, paid hacks, mga hyena. And they themselves know that they are dishing lies,” he added.

Duterte made the comment with his children poised to control the top three posts in Davao City – with Sara running for re-election as mayor, Baste running for vice mayor, and Paolo running for Congress. Sara is being groomed to run for the national elections in 2022.

Duterte accused the Western-backed media of plotting to oust him through the “Totoong Narcolist” video which claimed that his children (including teenage daughter Kitty), son-in-law, and top aide were getting payoffs from a drug syndicate.

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