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Vice President Leni Robredo criticized people who spread alternative stories on Martial Law, which water down the abuses that happened during the dictatorship of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

In a statement to mark the 48th anniversary of Martial Law declaration Monday (September 21), Robredo said there’s no debate that the country was placed under authoritarian rule.

“Walang debate dito; nangyari ito. And those who attempt to tell us otherwise are not only merely telling a supposed version of the story: They are lying to our faces, stealing our truths from us, stealing our stories,” she said.

Robredo said historical revisionists are motivated by the dividing the country by peddling an alternative narrative of martial law so they will “succeed” in abusing the people. She urged the public to push back against this move.

“Our task is to push back against these lies at every instant. To tell the stories of Martial Law and dictatorship over and over so that this generation, and the ones that come after, may be bound tighter through remembering. To hold firm to the truth of this painful chapter of our history, and through this, forge the determination to never again let our people fall into such despair,” the Vice President said.

Robredo said the anniversary of Martial Law’s declaration should serve as a reminder to Filipinos that they will not forget that dark chapter in the country’s history.

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