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To expose the corruption of Vice-Pres


Bobit S. Avila: Last Tuesday the 888 News Forum at the Marco Polo Plaza in Cebu City, they had a surprise guest in the person of Atty. Rene Bondal who came to Cebu to expose the corruption of Vice-Pres. Binay in that parking building that he constructed for the City of Makati that was allegedly overpriced at P400 million. Atty. Bondal was asked if his filing a case vs Binay was political motivated? Of course he denies this allegations. Philippine Star

Bobit S. Avila: On the other hand, I believe that if VP Binay is seeking the Presidency, therefore we Cebuanos have the right to know what really is the truth on this particular case so we’ll know if Binay is clean or not? But what really caught my attention is the other case that Atty. Bondal exposed…that the City of Makati bought mini-cabs or multi-cabs or second hand Suzuki mini-cabs at P230,000 each from a Cebu distributor. Philippine Star

Bobit S. Avila: Now ask yourselves, especially those of our readers who recently purchased those second hand mini or multi-cabs? How much did you buy them from the importer? Mini-cabs cost less than a hundred thousand pesos each! Therefore Mr. Binay really has a lot of explaining to do! Philippine Star

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