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To old for Presidency


DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte continued to parry off the growing call for him to seek the presidency in 2016, citing several reasons, the printable of which is that he’s too old Duterte said, “Had God wanted me to be president He would have offered the opportunity when I was younger.” The mayor will already be 71 by May 2016.Sun Star

Aside from saying that the job of a President will be difficult for a person who is not young and fit enough, he also pointed out that the problem of Philippine governance is corrupted to the core, no one can fix it and survive. Sun Star

“Siguro, kung maaayos ito nasa mga 2040 na, beyond our time na,” he said, or some 25 years of deliberate reforms in describing how long it will take to fix the present government. Sun Star

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