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Tokhang ang peg! Duterte brags about American copycat of Bato’s project

After initially criticizing the Philippine National Police’s “Oplan Tokhang,” President Rodrigo Duterte said the United States is now copying the government’s flagship campaign against illegal drugs.

In a speech in Tarlac Wednesday (March 8), Duterte chided the Americans for calling him out for the administration’s bloody drug war.

“Noong una, when the stupid Americans, they were putting to task si Bato, ‘Bato, tokhang.’ Sabi nila, “bawal ‘yan. That is a violation of human rights.’ Tingnan mong mga p***,” he said.

Citing an article on Time Magazine, Duterte said American authorities detected an organization selling illegal drugs online. Operatives then posed as buyers to arrest the sellers.

“They took over the operation — it’s in Time Magazine about two issues ago. Tapos they took over and pretended they were the organization selling the drugs. Noong nakuha na nila lahat, kinatok nila sa America. O ‘di pareho kay Bato,” he said.

“Oplan Tokhang” has been synonymous with a brutal campaign against illegal drugs. For a year since the start of Duterte’s term, policemen conducted buy-bust operations against suspected drug criminals.

These operations often ended up the drug suspects being killed, as policemen say they resisted arrest and drew a gun.

Despite criticism of the drug war, Duterte feels vindicated that the United States recently announced that opium addiction has become a national emergency.

He mistakenly referred to US President Donald Trump as “Bush.”

“Noong iniipit nila ako, sabi ko, ‘you know America, one day to your sorrow, you will realize that you have a problem.’ So si Bush ngayon declared a national emergency,” Duterte said.

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