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Administration senatorial bet Francis Tolentino has called for the creation of a new government agency that will supervise the proper management, protection and conservation of water resources in the country.

In a speech during Hugpong ng Pagbabago’s campaign caravan in Malabon City, Tolentino said he plans to prioritize the establishment of the water resources department to work with other water utilities agencies such as the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System and the Local Water Utilities Administration if given chance in the May polls.

Tolentino, an environmental lawyer, warned that there would be widespread water crisis by 2025.

“Anim na taon na lang po iyon mula ngayon. Water, like food, is essential to both human and non-human life,” said Tolentino.

The former Tagaytay City mayor stressed that if Filipinos do not make good use of the remaining water supply, “there will be nothing left of us.”

The department, according to Tolentino, will also focus not only in the funding of research and development but as well in procurement of facilities and equipment for more advanced treatment and recycling of water.

“The challenges of depleted and polluted water resources, and the global impacts of climate change, necessitate the establishment of a government agency that will concentrate efforts to mitigate the impacts of these challenges to the life and development of our communities,” said Tolentino.

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