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Administration senatorial bet Francis Tolentino has commended the San Miguel Corporation’s (SMC) cuts on the company’s water usage last year.

According to Tolentino, the Ramon S. Ang-led SMC has set the bar high not only for corporate social responsibility but also for environmental conservation.

Aside from achieving less water consumption in 2018, the former Tagaytay City mayor also lauded SMC for its “Water for All” sustainability project.

Tolentino, an environmental lawyer who advocates water sustainability and the establishment of the Department of Water Resources Management, has been calling for homes and industries for wise and prudent use of water as well as the protection of water resources.

The former chairman of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said the new water department he’s proposing will take the lead in the proper management, protection and conservation of water resources in the country.

Tolentino earlier warned that there there will be widespread water crisis by 2025 and there will be nothing left if Filipinos do not make good use of the remaining water supply.

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