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Tom and Jerry ang peg? De Lima calls Duterte’s drug czar offer to Robredo ‘saddest, stupidest’ thing ever

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Senator Leila De Lima on Saturday (November 2) slammed President Rodrigo Duterte’s offer to make Vice President Leni Robredo the administration’s drug czar as a “trap” intended to shame her and other critics of the drug war.

In a statement, De Lima said Duterte’s offer to Robredo is “both the saddest and stupidest things this administration has churned out lately.”

“I compare it with the silly traps that Tom lays down for Jerry as he hides around the corner, hoping that Jerry would be dumb enough to jump on such an obvious ploy that any three-year-old can figure out,” she said.

Duterte offered Robredo the responsibility of leading the administration’s war on drugs after she called the campaign a “failure” in an interview.

To prove Duterte’s offer wasn’t a joke, Malacañang said Robredo would have command and supervision of “all offices, bureaus, agencies or government instrumentalities involved in the enforcement of the law on prohibited drugs.”

Robredo will have the rank of a Cabinet Secretary, the Palace added.

De Lima, however, said Duterte only made the offer to bait Robredo into becoming the administration’s scapegoat for the drug war.

“The real reason why Duterte is even floating this idea of offering VP Robredo that post is because he wants to shame her and all other critics of his flawed drug war, and create the narrative of putting all the blame of his failures to someone else, instead of admitting that he lied about winning the drug war, despite killing thousands of people,” she said.

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