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Top photos: Baste for Marawi, Kris the girl boss, Bloggers’ press credential


1. Rockstar Baste Duterte holds tribute show for Marawi

2. Sara Duterte rocks Katniss-inspired look

Katkatniss Everdeen to the ASEAN 50 #lightitup #lantern for ASEAN 📷 Faith Sempio

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3. Mark Villar just had a better birthday party than you

4. Erap goes shopping with handsome little apo

5. Learnings of a girlboss: Kris Aquino pays penalty for business license renewal

#LEARNINGSOFAGIRLBOSS My sole proprietorship, KCA Productions (KCAP), was activated once again for the year 2017. While it has been operational since 2013, it was dormant (non-operational) in 2016. As such, the business permit was not renewed and this was an oversight from our end. On June 28, 2017, a new permit, taxes & fees for year 2017 was paid in full. The release of our @chowkingph Welcome Rotonda branch business permit w/c is owned by a separate corporation was affected because of this, even if our Chowking AliMall branch in Cubao has had a perfect track record. Ideally, these endeavors should have been treated separately, and KCAP did get issued its 2017 business permit. In the end, the issue has been amicably resolved. It was a humbling experience for me because I need to be vigilant in all aspects of my businesses. And now we move on wiser. ❤️❤️❤️#PositivityWins

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6. Martin Andanar’s food trip in Ilocos

7. Ang init! Tito Sotto picks the wrong suit

Mga ninong! Pawis na pawis na! Bakit kasi hindi Barong Tagalog?

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8. Acting ‘little President’ is a celebrity lawyer too

9. Bruce Rivera defends ASEAN media pass: DDS is biggest network in PH

10. That ‘Air Force Two’ spotted in Manila