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1. Kris says Filipinos owe their freedom to Ninoy: ‘Hindi siya inurungan ng bayag’

I rewatched my dad’s only televised interview during the Martial Law years, “granted” to him March of 1978. I realized that i did unwittingly inherit so many of his mannerisms: the way our eyebrows get raised so animatedly when we are trying to make a point, the way we talk a mile a minute, and to be honest interrupt our interviewers because halfway through their question we are ready with an answer, and in 2 short, rapid fire answers he got straight to the point & made his case. Mom used to always say- sa kadaldaldalan, sa charm, the encyclopedic memory, sa impulsiveness, that need for everything to happen today, and that rare ability to just be so self assured regardless of what obstacles lay ahead that NO didn’t exist- i was really my father’s daughter. i posted this because he was born exactly 85 years ago today. Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino, Jr. November 27, 1932-August 21,1983 (Try as you may, #fakenews folks- you cannot rewrite history. And the truth is you do owe this man the fact that you have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & FREEDOM OF THE PRESS TODAY- because he had the balls to actually DIE for his country- in super clear language, HINDI SYA INURUNGAN NG BAYAG KAHIT ALAM NYA NUNG PABABA SYA NG EROPLANO NA BABARILIN NA SYA SA TARMAC ng AIRPORT. Now u realize- nananahimik eh, ginulo nyo w/ your insulting wrong subject verb agreement post…)

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2. Magkumare na! Inday Sara is ninang for wedding of Imee Marcos’ son

3. Kris Aquino not running vs Mocha Uson in Senate polls: ‘Politics isn’t in my brain right now’

These will be 2 posts, so let’s get the bad or in this case #fakenews over with… I have NEVER been interviewed by Boy Abunda in recent memory, at least not in the past quarter, not in his show & not for print or any other medium. Our last communication was 2 months ago when he was turning over a few more endorsement details to my current management team. Kung sino man po ang nagsulat nito- if you will choose to invent quotes from me- GALINGAN NYO NAMAN. I am a stickler for correct grammar and subject-verb agreement: it isn’t IN CASE SHE PURSUE HER CANDIDACY, I need to correct you: it is IN CASE SHE PURSUES HER CANDIDACY. I know i am weird, hindi ako sa subject matter nairita, nabwisit ako na wrong grammatical quote ang na attribute sa ‘kin. That being said, whoever you are Jhun & to the media team doing this you do have my GRATITUDE. Because in the online world, Ms. Uson is a “unicorn”… And I am a newbie. Yet you have elevated me by this comparison to her status. #Bongga To put it in very relatable fashion terms, she is already Miuccia Prada, while i am just Alessandro Michele, the relatively new creative director of GUCCI, who was tasked since Fall Winter 2015/16 to breathe new life to a weakened brand. Regarding political plans sa nagkakalat ng FAKE NA BALITA- while we still live in a DEMOCRACY & while i just remitted an online VAT payment for October 2017 of P2,164,429.67- let me just continue working in peace? Politics isn’t in my brain right now, sa kakagawa nyo ng ganitong balita baka in the end mapilitan akong bilin from Culture Club ang rights to their song KARMA CHAMELEON as my campaign jingle. ❤️

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