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Top photos: Paolo Duterte’s China vacation, Mar Roxas’ camping getaway

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1. Bakasyon grande! Paolo Duterte takes family to South Korea, China

2. Into the woods: Mar Roxas tests his camping skills in Rizal

Happy Sunday morning pipol!!! In the mountains of San Mateo, Rizal where the temperature is cool and the sun is out. Beautiful. A man, his fire and his coffee. Mar wakes up too early and enjoys Goya and daughter Cocoa who went CAMPING with us last night! Kolette and Chelsea are with Lola in Subic. 🐶🐶🐶🐶 Peeking from our tent in the morning. It was a pleasant enough sleep. In my pajamas, cool weather, comfortable inflatable mattress (finally learning), my headset and my IPad movie. Perfect.👌 Last night we stared into the fire while talking for two hours after dinner before bedtime. Hikers' midnight is at 9 pm… Mar gets to practice his Camping 101 masteral course yet again. The moon last night was…WOW🌝

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3. Walang kupas! Erap kills it on the dance floor

4. Paolo Duterte’s close encounter with ‘Shanghai Triad’

5. Proud mama’s boy: Duterte still misses Nanay Soling

6. Andanar strikes medical aid deal for Malacañang media

7. Recount na! Marcos dares Robredo to sign motion to withdraw motions before PET

8. Kris wishes love life for PNoy: Coke regular, pati canning at distribution na

Trying to stay awake til midnight to post this but it’s been a long work day… 11 years & 6 days before i was born, 58 years ago this February 8, God brought our Mom’s favorite son & our favorite brother (his words- because no choice he was the only one) into this world… You all have to agree, he was 1 cute baby! To the man who possesses so many qualities i still need to grow up enough to possess, namely HUMILITY, NATURAL SIMPLICITY, UNDEMANDING WAYS, LIKING A LOW PROFILE & PRIVACY, and really HAVING HAD NO OTHER DESIRE BUT TO GIVE TRUE & DEDICATED PUBLIC SERVICE- my only wish is good health, peace of mind, and that true & lasting LOVE may no longer be elusive- parati nyang joke na kung i-co-compare natin sa COKE ang love life nya Coke Zero, sana this 2018 yung RED COKE na & sana yung buong canning plant, no correction, sana yung Philippine distribution na ang mapunta sa kanya. Kuya Josh, Bimb, & i love & celebrate you. Happy Birthday Noy/Tito Noy! ♥️♥️♥️ #family

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9. Robredo’s sweet reunion with old nanny

10. Not your ordinary H2O: Duterte joins ‘hydrogen water’ trend