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Top tweets: Paolo Duterte sparks fury over ‘oust Duterte’ list

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1. What was he smoking? Paolo Duterte torn to shreds on Twitter over ouster plot matrix

2. Carmen Pedrosa ‘dilawan’? Lacierda LOLs at Pulong’s ‘Oust Duterte’ matrix

3. Tañada: Revilla is still guilty

4. Anti-government shakedown? Alejano warns vs extortion of Jollibee, PLDT over Duterte ouster plot

5. Sison warns vs nationwide martial law to let Duterte control 2019 poll results

6. Hontiveros doubts Jollibee ouster plot vs Duterte: McDonald’s next?

7. We need peace in Mindanao but we don’t need martial law for that – Casiño

8. Mission accomplished! Duterte got Balangiga bells for Filipinos – Locsin

9. Gatchalian backs Diokno: Dishonesty is not in his blood

10. Lacson blasts Atienza: How much is your pork in 2019 budget?