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  1. Sino ‘yang utak wang-wang na politiko? Tito Sotto wants to grill VIP in budget hearing

2. Utak wang-wang: VIP goes to gym with police escorts, Ejercito says

3. Remulla apologizes for hasty travel warning to Tagaytay: Travel pass not needed

4. Laugh trip! Jonvic Remulla shares meme video of lovestruck Harry Roque

5. Duterte finally crafts COVID plan after Netflix binge, Trillanes says

6. Locsin clueless about ‘Captain America’ actor: ‘Who’s Chris Evans?’

7. Iwas byahe muna: Tagaytay weather poses high risk for COVID infection, Remulla says

8. Libre! Nancy Binay to give free ‘Charcoal Confessions’ books

9. ‘Super humanitarian effort:’ Gordon thanks Ramon Ang for blood donation drive

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