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Totohanin mo na! De Lima dares Duterte to step down so Robredo can take over

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Senator Leila De Lima wants President Rodrigo Duterte to make good on his word to let Vice President Leni Robredo take over the reins of the government’s anti-drug campaign by stepping down.

In a statement Thursday (October 31), De Lima said Duterte can formally ask Congress to let Robredo take over by stating he can no longer officially discharge his duties as President, notably in resolving the illegal drug problem in the country.

“I throw back Duterte’s challenge at him. Follow the Constitution. Transmit to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives your written declaration that you are unable to discharge the powers and duties of your office, and let VP Robredo take over,” she said.

De Lima made the statement after Duterte said he will allow Robredo to become the drug czar for six months to see if she could do a better job.

Duterte challenged Robredo after the Vice President called the drug war a failure.

De Lima, a former Justice Secretary, said Duterte must first relinquish his post so Robredo could become acting President, who will have full authority over law enforcement agents.

“That is the only manly way to stay true to your challenge to VP Robredo to fix what you have not been able to fix the past three years of your miserable term,” she told Duterte.

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