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Tongues are wagging at the topmost levels of the administration about a recent incident which showed how hot-tempered the scion of a powerful politiko (SP) is.

Politiko’s sources said SP’s colleagues got the shock of their lives when he reportedly drew and pointed his gun at another politiko (AP) at a recent gathering.

SP was allegedly incensed after AP insinuated how privileged he was because of his connections. AP, who can be tactless in unguarded situations, ribbed SP about how he got his position even if he did not support ambitious official (AO).

Taking offense at the remark, SP rose from his seat to slap AP. Next thing onlookers knew, SP had his firearm drawn and was pointing it at AP and a perplexed colleague (PC).

Cooler heads eventually prevailed and the gathering ended without the tension escalating any further.

SP’s colleagues know by now he can be a force to be reckoned with. After the tense encounter with AP, they might think twice before getting on his wrong side.

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