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Trillanes can’t blame priests for falling for ‘Bikoy’ hoax: Mabuti kanilang puso, maganda layunin

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said he can’t blame a group of priests for falling hook, line and sinker for the anti-Duterte expose of ex-con, con man Peter Joemel Advincula alias “Bikoy.”

“Hindi ko po masisi ang mga pari na naniwala at nagtiwala kay Bikoy, Sakabutihan ng kanilang puso at magandang layunin, nagbigay sila ng snktuwariyo sa isang taong nagsasabi na nanganganib ang kanyang buhay,” said Trillanes in a privilege speech.

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“As shepherds of Christ, that is their ministry. Hindi lang nila siguro na-expect na meron pa ring tao na susuklian ang kanilang kabutihan at kataksilan,” he added.

Bikoy claimed that a group of priests led by Father Albert Alejo facilitated his meeting with Trillanes in August last year.

Bikoy accused Trillanes of giving him the scripts he read in the “Totoong Narcolist” videos where he accused President Rodrigo Duterte and his
family of receiving tons of money from a rug syndicate. Bikoy has since recanted and claimed that Trillanes and the Liberal
Party were plotting to oust Duterte.

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Trillanes insisted that he himself found Bikoy’s story full of holes and confusing which was why he asked investigative journalists to vet his claims and story. But he claimed Bikoy went ahead with the video release without waiting for the validation process of Trillanes’ media friends.

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