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‘Di ako handler niyan! Trillanes: I ain’t involved in Bikoy’s videos

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Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has refuted allegations that he is involved in the “Ang Totong Narcolist” videos believed used in a destabilization plot against President Rodrigo Duterte by linking those close to chief executive to illegal drugs.

In a counter-affidavit he filed before a panel of prosecutors, Trillanes stated that he had “no knowledge and/or participation in the production or propagation of the so called ‘Bikoy Videos.”

With this, the former lawmaker asked the panel to dismiss the sedition complaint filed against him in connection with the “Ang Totoong Narcolist” videos.

“I would like to so repeat and reiterate that I had no knowledge of and I did not participate in any ‘destabilization plot’ aiming to unseat President Duterte and/or replace him with Vice Pres. Maria Leonora ‘Leni’ Robredo, if indeed there was such a plot,” he declared.

The complaint was filed by the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) which accused Trillanes and 35 others including members of the opposition of having committed sedition, inciting to sedition, cyber libel, libel, estafa, harboring a criminal, and obstruction of justice.

The PNP-CIDG alleged that Peter Joemel Advincula, who was featured in the videos as the hooded Bikoy”, was “engaged by the respondents to spread lies against the President, his family and close associate, making them to appear as illegal trade protectors and how they earned staggering amounts of money.”

On the other hand, Trillanes admitted that a group of Catholic church workers approached him as early as August 2018 asking that he help Advicula who claimed being targetted of drug syndicates and those close to Duterte.

“Like any other potential whistle-blower or witnesses presented to me, I subjected the claims of Bikoy to our vetting process,” Trillanes recounted.

“Because of the scale of the syndicate and the alleged involvement of numerous personalities in the syndicate, many of whom I did not even know, I found the story of Bikoy to be wanting in vital detail and very confusing,” he said.

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