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Trillanes feels insults being linked to ‘Bikoy’ oust Duterte plot: Wala akong alam sa ganyan ka-bobong plano

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV feels insulted being linked by con man Peter Joemel Advincula alias “Bikoy” to what he described as a stupid plot to unseat President Rodrigo Duterte through a series of videos.

In a privilege speech, Trillanes not only denied any participation in Bikoy’s “Totoong Narcolist” video series, he felt insulted that he was being dragged into this outrageous oust Duterte plot.

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Although he believed that the Duterte administration was the “worst democratically elected”, Trillanes said that he and his Magdalo group have “embraced the democratic path to pursue government and social reforms” since their release in 2010.

“I have been confronting Mr. Duterte and his allies on their draconian policies and acts of corruption using only the space that our democracy allows,” Trillanes said.

“Besides, how a series of videos could lead to an ouster of Duterte, as claimed by Bikoy, is simply beyond the realm of logic. Pag ganyan naman kabobo ang plano, ibig sabihin wala akong natutunan sa mga karanasan ko,” he added.

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Advincula claimed that it was Trillanes who fed him the scripts for the series of videos in which he accused, falsely, Duterte and his family and allies of gettign massive payoffs from a drug syndicate in Bicol.

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