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Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is not falling for the senatorial survey results churned out by Pulse Asia.

Trillanes pointed out the inaccuracy of the pollster when it conducted a survey of senatorial contenders back in 2007. He said he landed 20th in the Pulse Asia survey but actually ranked 11th in the senatorial elections.

“Several days before the 2007 elections, Pulse Asia said that I would lose and end up on the 20th spot. But I actually ended up on the 11th spot, despite the CHEATING,” he tweeted.

For Trillanes, Pulse Asia has failed in releasing credible poll results before and continued to disappoint up to now.

“Pumalpak na ang Pulse Asia noon, palpak pa rin sila hanggang ngayon,” he said.

Trillanes earlier expressed doubts on the Pulse Asia survey showing President Duterte’s high public trust and approval ratings last month. With the coronavirus lockdown implementer, he questioned how the pollster conducted the face-to-face survey. He asked if the survey firm used a “magic carpet” to ask respondents on whether they trust in and approve the President’s performance in past few months.

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