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Triple threat! Duterte claims Trillanes, Yellows, Reds hatching ouster plot


President Rodrigo Duterte has accused Senator Antonio Trillanes IV of coalescing with members of the Liberal Party and the communists to oust him.

In a press briefing Saturday (September 8) in Davao City, Duterte urged the military to keep tabs on the forces he claimed want him out of office.

“Tatlong ‘yan, bantayan ninyo. Iyang Yellow, Liberals, Trillanes, pati ang politburo,” he said upon arriving from official visits to Israel and Jordan.

“‘Yang tatlong ‘yan, bantayan ninyo. Iyan yung mag-a-oust na — oust Duterte and it will go into a higher October ganun,” he added.

The Politburo refers to a high-level committee within the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Duterte previously accused the “Yellows,” or members and allies of the LP, of working together with the communists to oust him.

Trillanes, a former soldier, was involved in two failed coups during the Arroyo administration.