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US President Donald Trump wants to let people into America but said that he cannot let the “wrong” people to come in.

He made the statement earlier in a press briefing at the White House with visiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“On the home front, we have to create borders, we have to let people that can love our country in and I wanna do that,” Trump said in the media briefing, a part of which was posted on Twitter by the BBC Breaking News.

He continued, “We want to have a big, beautiful open door” but that “we cannot let the wrong people in and I cannot allow that to happen during this administration.”

Trump earlier drew both support and flak for issuing an order temporarily barring US entry of people from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

In a tweet after the issuance of the order, Trudeau said that Canadians will welcome refugees “regardless of your faith.”

The USA Today reported in an online article on February 9 that a US appellate court refused to reinstate the ban after it was temporarily blocked by US District Judge James Robart of Seattle, Washington state.