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Tukso layuan mo ako! Duterte disappointed over allies who fell into temptation

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He may have put the people he fully trusted in key posts in government but trust is not enough.

President Rodrigo Duterte made public on Tuesday his disappointment on some of his allies, whom he had to remove from key posts due to corruption.

He revealed his displeasure while he delivered his speech before newly appointed officials in his administration. He reminded them to resist temptation and preserve their integrity while serving the government.

“You know, I’m very sad to inform you that as of last week I fired another set of high officials,” he said. “You know, the others, to my chagrin almost… These were the guys that — who went back and forth to Davao to convince me to run,” Duterte said.

Duterte expressed disappointment why some of his trusted allies, who urged him to run to clean the government, get themselves tainted with reports of anomalies and corruption.

” Ayaw ko kasi mawalaan ang aking kapwa tao ko. I don’t want to nurture something that’s I would be suspicious of anybody in front of me,” Duterte said. ” I hate it because I know you — they meant well. But along the way, may papasok talaga na kalokohan ang p***,” the President said.