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Twitter slams ‘unbelievable’ Bong Revilla’s acquittal: Sad day for PH justice


Twitter is abuzz with public reaction lamenting how former Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. got away with plunder.

Several netizens have slammed Sandiganbayan’s acquittal of Revilla of misusing public funds in connection with the pork barrel system.

“Moral of the Story: Magnakaw nang magnakaw, lakihan n’yo na, palalayain din naman kayo. Tangina ‘di ba?” the Professional Heckler tweeted.

“This is a very sad day for the Philippine justice system! Sandigan Bayad you really sucks!!! 😠,” @tweetmetomcat commented.

“I’m not suprised that Bong Revilla is not guilty. Bullshit sistema natin dito, alam na dapat natin expectations natin :),” @geloarnaldo said.

@thysz commented: “To be honest Bong Revilla’s defense was only a constant repetition of “Wala akong alam jan!” He’s the boss but he got away. Is this justice?”

@jhayfm05 tweeted: “Again. An example politician can get away from taking taxpayers money. Hayyy buhay.”