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Ubod ng angas! Laguna board member Abigael Alonte caught on video strangling woman

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A couple has accused Laguna 1st district board member Abigael Alonte and her Jordanian boyfriend of physical abuse after they figured in an altercation in front of the politiko’s home.

Shammarie Del Rosario and her husband, Ronald appeared on an episode of “Raffy Tulfo in Action” to air their gripes against Alonte and her lover, Hassan Rosan.

Del Rosario said the feud started because their Mercedes Benz accidentally sedan blocked Alonte’s Innova.

The politiko then confronted the couple and started bragging that she’s part of the Alonte clan holding several political posts in the province.

Del Rosario said the fight escalated when she started taking a video of Alonte and Rossan acting aggressively towards them.

“While videoing it, sinasakal na niya ako,” she said of Alonte.

Del Rosario said Alonte became even more incensed when she pointed out that the Innova was a government-issued vehicle because it had a red plate, SKM 762.

“Doon na nila ako pinagtulungan ng kapatid ng foreigner na babae. They kept on [hitting] sa likod ko kasi tinatago ko ang cellphone sa likod ko,” she said.

Ronald said he tried to help his wife but was beaten up by persons who were with Rossan.

Tulfo tried to mediate between the Del Rosarios and Alonte but the politiko snubbed the invitation to appear on television.

Del Rosario said a local police station sent them an invitation letter to visit their headquarters, though they didn’t say what the purpose was.

When the couple arrived at the police station, they found that Alonte wanted to settle with them.

The Del Rosarios, however, were dismayed by Alonte’s seeming arrogance, as she kept on insisting that she had protected their family’s name for so long. The couple is determined to press charges against her.

Alonte suddenly distanced herself from her boyfriend in a phone interview with Tulfo and the Del Rosarios.

“Parang napaka-unfair naman sa akin na ang kasalanan ni Pedro isisi niyo sa akin. Kung ‘yung boyfriend ko ‘yung may kasalanan,” she said.

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