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Ugly war! Duterte gets personal in attacking ‘pro-rich’ Mareng Winnie

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President Rodrigo Duterte is getting down and dirty in attacking his critics, specifically former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Winnie Monsod.

Duterte dissed Monsod’s looks in a speech in Bukidnon.

“Monsod looks like… There are many bars there along Dewey Boulevard. But I will not pay to see that face even for 550 pesos,” said Duterte.

Duterte also added Rappler CEO Maria Ressa in his ugly rant against his critics. “Ikaw Ressa, look at your face. It’s pockmarked,” jeered Duterte.

Duterte claimed that investigative journalists were paid by rich patrons to protect their interests from his reforms.

“You protect the rich and hide their secrets, but attack us politicians who genuinely want reform. That’s the truth. You are just being paid.You smell good now because you can now afford to purchase stuff. But if you say that you bought all that out of what you are earning from writing, who will believe you? Unless you release political attacks,” said Duterte.

“Look at their vehicles, their houses. They have been asking money from clients for a long time, especially those big-time writers there.

But there are others who refuse to give in. But most of them do. Ay
sus, the women there are in it too. They keep on asking for payment.
Especially this one who is sick. They keep on asking for payment,” he

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