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UN rapporteur Callamard angered by Ressa conviction: A travesty of justice but not the end of fight for press freedom

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A United Nations envoy is rallying behind Rappler boss Maria Ressa following her conviction for cyber libel.

UN Special Rapporteur on Extra- Judicial summary or arbitrary Executions Agnes Callamard has deplored the conviction of Ressa as a “travesty of justice” in the Philippines.

The court ruling however should not be seen as an end to the fight for press freedom, Callamard said.

“A travesty of justice; a tragedy for the Philippines; but not the end of the fight and solidarity with and for @mariaressa and #pressfreedom,” she tweeted.

The UN official also commended Ressa for her courage in fighting for press freedom despite the latest court sentence.

“Dearest friend, I am appalled, angry, and so much in awe with your courage,” she said.

The court has sentenced Ressa and writer Reynaldo Santos Jr to six months up to six years in jail based on the cyber libel complaint filed by a businessman.

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