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UN rapporteur Callamard hits Duterte’s shoot order: Violating lockdown does not justify lethal force


Come on, President Duterte.

A United Nations envoy has opposed President Duterte’s shoot order against people causing disorder during the coronavirus emergency in the country.

UN Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial Executions Agnes Callamard said violating the coronavirus lockdown does not warrant lethal force under international law. She said lockdowns appeared more threatening to the people than the coronavirus itself.

“COME ON Pent #Duterte, other leaders in the world: Breaking a #curfew, violating #lockdown does NOT justify lethal force under Intl law. Further for millions curfews and lockdown are more threatening to their dignity/wellbeing even than the virus itself,” she tweeted.

President Duterte has ordered troops to shoot anyone who will cause trouble during the Luzon-wide lockdown. He also warned the left against causing riots or else face severe consequences.

“We are ready for you. Gulo o barilan o patayan, I will not hesitate my soldiers to shoot you. I will not hesitate to order the police to arrest and detain you,” Duterte said.

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