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Una kayo, susunod kami! Duterte dares US to declare war in South China Sea

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President Rodrigo Duterte has challenged the United States to declare war in the South China Sea in the wake of its persistent reminder for the Philippines to assert its maritime rights in the disputed waters.

In a speech in Leyte Friday (July 5), Duterte said the Philippines will follow the US if it declares war in the South China Sea.

“Let America declare the war. Let them assemble all their armaments there in South China Sea. Fire the first shot and I’ll be glad to do the next. May RP-US pact man kaha tayo eh di let us honor it. Do you want trouble? Okay, let’s do it,” he said, referring to the Mutual Defense Treaty between the Philippines and US.

Duterte accused the US of “egging” the Philippines on to worsen the dispute with China over conflicting maritime claims.

“Tinitikoy tayo para… ‘Sige, sige.’ Ginagawa akong bait. Anong tingin ninyo sa Pilipino, wati (earthworm)?” he said.

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