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Unahin niyo massacre sa Syria! Duterte to ICC: I will not be judged by white men

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President Rodrigo Duterte will not allow himself to be investigated by the International Criminal Court for alleged human rights violations.

“Why would I stand before — in judgment before white men? Who are you?” said Duterte in a defiant tone after 11 special rapporteurs of the United Nations urged the UN Human Rights Council to investigate the “staggering number of unlawful deaths and police killiings” in his administration’s drug war.

Duterte believes that human rights advocates mostly from the West have unfairly singled him out while they turned a blind eye on the massacres carried out by Western powers.

“There’s a lot of cases to be prosecuted there, itong sa… That’s what’s happening in Syria and anywhere. Millions of people have died there. Indiscriminate bombing. Hindi naman mamili ‘yung drug lord diyan o ano holdaper,” said Duterte.

Syria is in the middle of a nine-year civil war between forces loyal to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad (who is backed by Iran and Russia) versus rebels backed by the United States, France and United Kingdom and Middle East allies Saudia Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

Duterte cited the violent colonization of the Philippines by Western powers which he compared to the bloody reign of the British in Malaysia and the Dutch in Indonesia.

“That’s the story of Malaysia, the Dutch taking Indonesia. And now, modern times, they pretend to be the conscience of (the world),” he said.

“Had it only been for the propagation of a faith, okay lang sana because God says all good things. Pero hinaluan ng subjugation ng country, occupation. Spain, 400 years. They sat on us, took the fat of the land, lived with it and… Tapos itong mga Amerikano,” said Duterte.

“Then you expect me just to say Hallelujah, thank you for the religion. That’s what happened. We were all Malays. We were ruled by our own clans, a tribe. Eh pagpasok ni Magellan, tinaga siya ni Lapu-Lapu. Lapu-Lapu was a Muslim. Nauna ang evangelization ng Islam by almost 100 years. Then Magellan. But Magellan came with gunpowder. O ‘di takot na lahat … Eh kung kaharap mo naman kanyon, ‘pag tinamaan ka na, wala ng makita,” he added.

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