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Unexpected guest: Mar reunites with Leni in Naga


This popular politiko tandem had an unexpected reunion in Naga and bonded over halo-halo.

Former Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas was visiting Naga for another outdoor adventure when he bumped into Vice President Leni Robredo at one of the family’s favorite restaurants over the weekend.

Robredo, in a Facebook post, described Roxas as “Naga’s unexpected guest” as he did not tell her about his presence in her hometown. But she still got wind of Roxas’ visit and seized the chance to reunite with him.

“Hindi nagpasabing dadaan kasi ayaw magpaasikaso. Got the tip from my girls because he texted them to ask for recommendations on where to eat. True enough, we found him in our favourite halo halo place,” she wrote on Facebook.

“He’s here like any other regular backpacker. And he’s obviously enjoying himself,” the veep said.

Roxas and Robredo formed the Liberal Party presidential tandem in the 2016 elections.