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Unfriend, block haters! Nancy Binay wants you to resist the urge to hate back


Love more, hate less.

Senator Nancy Binay gave this latest advice to netizens in her campaign promoting love and positivity on social media.

Binay has urged people to purge haters and other toxic people on their social media life, and try to resist the urge to hate back.

“If someone is making your life miserable, causing you a lot of pain, and making you suffer, then the most practical way is to block, unfriend or remove that person from your social media life. Stay away from toxic people. They will only wound your heart 💘 and poison your spirit. 🕊🌻,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Ang mahalaga ay ‘wag kang maging katulad nila. If they spread more hate, then spread more love. Kahit pa na may karapatan kang magalit, try to resist the urge to hate back. Learn how to radiate love. 💗💗💗😌💗💗,” she said.

Binay said poeple should rise up in driving out hatred with love instead of taking part in the hate campaign. She said haters still deserve to be understood.

“So, love more, and hate less. No one heals herself or himself by wounding another. ☝🏼💗,” she said.