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Unreasonable Dick: Lacson won’t sign Gordon report vs Aquino

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Senator Panfilo Lacson is resolved not to sign the Senate blue ribbon committee report on the Dengvaxia mess calling for the filing of graft charges against former Pres. Benigno Aquino III.

“The unreasonable comments made by Sen. (Richard) Gordon about me just firmed up my decision not to sign his committee report,” the senator said Monday in a text message to reporters.

Lacson​ ​was referring to Gordon’s statements made during an interview with dzBB Sunday, where he was criticized by the latter along with Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV for coming to the defense of Aquino.

“While I did not attend a single hearing on Dengvaxia for obvious reason shared by most of my colleagues, I was closely monitoring the proceedings in my office,” he said.

Lacson was apparently referring to the issue on Gordon, blue ribbon committee chair, monopolizing the proceedings, which turned off a number of senators, some even went to the extent of “walking out” of the hearings.

“Having said that, even that early I had my reservations based on his prejudgement, which was too obvious to ignore. He was directing the investigation to suit the outcome that he had desired from the very start,” said Lacson.

Gordon, blue ribbon committee chair, insinuated that Trillanes and Lacson may have been only out to return Aquino’s favor given to them, aside from the fact that they’re both known political allies of the former president.

In the said interview, Gordon said that he respect all the senator for their opinion yet he made a special mention on Trillanes and Lacson.

“(Si) Trillanes, hindi na ako magtataka, kakampi nila yan,” he said referring to the Liberal Party (LP) of Aquino.

The senator noted that Trillanes was given pardon during the incumbency of Aquino while Lacson, who went into hiding after he was tagged as the mastermind in the Dacer-Corbito murder case surfaced in 2011, months after the former president assumed power.

Reports said that officials of Aquino helped facilitate his return from hiding.

“Lacson, magiting na tao ‘yan at kaibigan ko rin ‘yan. Ang gusto ko lang sabihin eh syempre, maaalis mo ba na nahirapan sya nung panahon ni (former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) PGMA, nagtago sya di ba? Kelan siya lumabas? Nung panahon ni Aquino at binangon kaagad sya ni Pres. Aquino na ginawa syang chairman dun sa Yolanda (rehabilitation commission),” he said.

Trillanes, as early as last Thurday already announced that he will not sign the blue ribbon report on the Senate probe on the questioned P3.5-billion anti-dengue vaccine.

The opposition senator and member of the Senate minority bloc is of the position that there’s not enough information to warrant the filing of charges against former government officials over the Dengvaxia mess.