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Unresolved high water, power costs to dampen Duterte bets in 2022 polls, Marcos warns

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Administration Sen. Imee Marcos warned that unresolved higher water and electricity costs amid the coronavirus pandemic “will dampen the appeal of President Rodrigo Duterte’s anointed candidates in the 2022 polls.

Marcos made the warning on Wednesday amid the outcry of customers of Meralco, Maynilad, and Manila Water due to the supposed “doubled and tripled billing charges” for March to May when strict community quarantines were enforced.

“This gut issue will weigh on the administration’s candidates in 2022. The sudden spike in water and power costs are a real shock to the ordinary consumer. Who knows how it really happened?” said Marcos.

Marcos stressed that the President himself “should already intervene” issues that affect the everyday lives of the people, if he wants his candidates to win in the next election.

“It’s not far-fetched that the issue of high power and water rates could haunt the administration’s candidates in 2022,” said Marcos.

According to Marcos, the problem must be resolved as soon as possible “by leaving no stone unturned and demanding full disclosure of computing procedures done by Meralco, Maynilad, and Manila Water.”

“If they must be brought to court, so be it,” she added.

Marcos blasted the “careless manner” in which the water concessionaires and power provider billed their customers without first conducting actual meter readings.

“How could they expect the people to just accept their so-called estimates? Estimates are confusing and angering,” said Marcos.

Besides questionable billing charges, Marcos added that the threat of possible service disconnections will worsen the public uproar against the utility firms.

“They shouldn’t dare cut water and power supply, while billing statements are under protest and their service still provokes so many complaints. Do they care about more than just profit? Heartless!” she said.

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