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UP Diliman chancellor downplays frat brawl between Upsilon, Alpha Phi Beta members: Natabunan tuloy panalo ng UP sa UAAP!


University of the Philippines Diliman Chancellor Michael Tan appeared to water down the brawl between members of Upsilon Sigma Phi and Alpha Phi Beta fraternities by highlighting its impact on the latest victory of the UP’s Men’s basketball team.

In a statement Thursday (November 15), Tan noted that the brawl happened on the same day that the UP Fighting Maroons earned a slot in the semi finals of the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) basketball tournament.

“This victory would not have been possible without the widespread support of all sectors, especially Nowheretogobutup, an alumni group where Upsilon Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Beta and all other fraternities of UP Diliman have been key players, working together to support our athletes,” he said.

Tan condemned the violent encounter between the two fraternities and said it is being investigated by the university administration. Charges will be filed against those who would be found liable, he added.

“The penalties for violence are severe, and can include expulsion from the university,” Tan said.

Interestingly, the chancellor did not give details about the brawl.

According to reports, around 25 members of the Upsilon Sigma Phi and Alpha Phi Beta fraternities figured in a brawl at Palma Hall on Tuesday (November 13). This was allegedly followed by another incident on Wednesday (November 14), where a vehicle driven by an Upsilon member was blocked by another car inside the campus.

The window of the Upsilon member’s vehicle was reportedly shattered by someone from the other car using a baseball bat.

Instead of criticizing the two fraternities over the brawl, Tan called out those who released the surveillance footage of the fistfight at Palma Hall.

“We wish to emphasize too that CCTV footage of the encounters, which has been appearing in media, was released without proper authorization. This unauthorized release is being investigated and highlights why we need to enforce the Data Privacy Law: CCTV footage, in the wrong hands, can lead to speculation and violation of due process,” he said.