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Utang na loob pa ng bayan? Topacio says Tulfo’s refund of P60M an act of ‘good faith, goodwill’


Abogado Ferdinand Topacio is adamant that the offer of the Tulfo brothers, Ben and Erwin, to return the P60 million they got from sister, Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo, is not an admission of guilt.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Topacio said the move of Bitag Media Unlimited Inc. to return the P60 million was an act of “good faith and goodwill” on the part of the Tulfos who have been widely criticized for the incestuous contract which was red-flagged by the Commission of Audit as questionable for lack of proper documentation.

“Bitag Media will find a way and they will offer to return up to the last centavo whatever was paid to them by PTV-4. They maintain everything was aboveboard and there was a contract. Placements were made and ads were aired but nonetheless as a gesture of good faith and goodwill they will return the money,” said Topacio.

The move is in stark contrast to the defiant attitude of the Tulfo brothers and sweeping denial made by Teo when the COA report was reported a week ago.

The Tulfos came out with separate profanity-laced video uploads attacking COA and media while branding the report as a leak from the Yellow army. The Tulfos justified the ad contract from their sister noting that their obscure program on PTV-4 , “Kilos Pronto”, had high ratings.

Teo also denied having to do anything with the transaction claiming it was PTV-4 who decided to give the P60 million ad money to its blocktimer, Bitag.

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