Velasco urges NEA to focus on energizing remote barangays

Velasco urges NEA to focus on energizing remote barangays

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House Committee on Energy chair and Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco urged the National Electrification Administration (NEA) and the country’s electric cooperatives to focus on the electrification of the remaining few remote barangays in the country.

Velasco stressed that a total of 36,057 of the 36,065 of the barangays have already been energized—99 percent of the barangays nationwide and the electrification of the remaining one percent especially in remote areas should be their priority.

“NEA and the Electric Cooperatives have succeeded in energizing 90 cities, 1,385 municipalities covering 78 provinces in the country,” said Velasco.

“A few hundred meters na lang nasa finish line na tayo. Let’s go for it,” he added.

Velasco said electric cooperatives and their consumers hold the proverbial torch in rural electrification, adding that to maintaining a sustainable and efficient power supply in the countryside is one of the keys to progress.

“I have witnessed how powerfully transformative access to electricity in the rural areas can be,” said Velasco.

“[Electrification of the countryside is] the only way for our country to progress economically. It is the only way to bring genuine prosperity to the countryside.”

Velasco insisted that Filipinos should have access to reliable, sustainable, efficient, and affordable electricity.

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