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Villar gets heat for self-proclaimed brilliance : ‘Ako matalino akong tao’ trends on Twitter


Senator Cynthia Villar is the wife of the richest Filipino but she wants everybody to know she’s also an intelligent person and this makes her an expert on what the farmers need.

Villar wanted to make this clear when she disparaged the Department of Agriculture for allocating P150 million for research instead of spending this for more seeds and farm machines. For all her brilliance, Villar admits she does not get the point of spending so much for research.

“Ako matalino akong tao pero hindi ko maintindihan yung research niyo, lalo na yung farmer. Gusto ba ng farmer yung research? Hindi ba gusto nila tulungan niyo sila? Bakit ba lahat ng budget niyo research?” said Villar during the budget hearing on the DA’s budget.

“Parang lahat ng inyong budget puro research? Baliw na baliw kayo sa research. Aanhin niyo ba yung research?” she added.

But Twitizens didn’t let the leading vote-getter in the 2019 senatorial polls to get away with dissing the value of research specially for food.

Historian Kristoffer Pasion (@indiohistorian) wrote: “Blight-resistant maize have helped farmers strengthen food security. I am no expert on this but the way she sneers at research as a whole is something else.”

Another Twitizen suggested Villar probably preferred going loco over
subdivisions instead of research:

And the hate just kept on pouring:

But at least one agreed with her point:

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