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Senator Imee Marcos has shut down calls to postpone the 2022 national and local elections, saying voting can be done early, online or by mail.

Despite the coronavirus impact on the nation, Marcos said the elections must push through as scheduled so the voice of the people will be heard.

“We abide by the Constitution and proceed with the elections in 2022. After all, several countries have conducted elections during this pandemic – South Korea, Taiwan, Belarus, Singapore, Iceland, Poland and, in November, the United States,” she tweeted on Sept. 25.

Marcos however proposed different kinds of voting in 2022 while taking precautions against the pandemic.

“We should explore all possible scenarios: the 3-day in-person recommendation of Comelec, expanded early voting, mail-in ballots and even in select cases, livestream online voting,” she said.

“No doubt there are issues with every mode of voting, but the voice of the people must be heard,” she said.

Pampanga Rep. Mike Arroyo earlier floated the possible postponement of the 2022 national elections , saying the people were afraid of the coronavirus pandemic. Arroyo asked the Commission on elections about its plan B for the 2022 polls if the health emergency persists.

Comelec chair Sheriff Abas said they have not considered deferring the 2022 presidential elections, citing the democratic exercise is a constitutional mandate.

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