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Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Deputy Director Milfredo Melegrito has warned job applicants not to bribe employees concerning positions they applied for.

“In our continuing effort to address possible corruption at BuCor, all BuCor applicants are advised to refrain from paying/giving monetary consideration in any amount to any BuCor employees in exchange for a position applied for at the Bureau of Corrections,” Melegrito said in a notice he issued this week.

“Applicants who committed such offense shall be automatically disqualified and blacklisted for any position at the BuCor,” he stressed.

On the other hand, the deputy director also advised BuCor employees against accepting bribes from job applicants.

Melegrito warned BuCor employees that if they are caught doing so they will be “dealt with accordingly.”

The deputy director also advised the public that they can send information or complaint to the BuCor about such illegal activities.

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