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Wag makulit! Sotto tells Ubial: Not everyone wants condoms distributed to youth


Senate Majority Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III slammed Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial Tuesday (Jan. 17) for being insensitive to other people’s belief with her resolve to push through with the distribution of condoms in high schools.

“She should not impose her beliefs on us who oppose (the plan),” Sotto said in response to Ubial’s tweets calling on critics of the Department of Health’s planned condom distribution to refrain from imposing what they believe on others.

“It’s insensitive to dismiss the sensitive of a conservative culture just because they failed to implement effective health programs,” he added.

Sotto warned that Ubial would cause damage that “cannot be reversed” if DOH proceeds with distributing condoms to the youth, supposedly to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

The Senate leader said there is a better alternative than giving the youth a way to practice safe sex.

“As for suggestions, I’ve been saying over and over again that they should instead embark on an effective information campaign on moral values and against HIV-AIDS to the benefit of the Filipino youth,” he said.

In closing, Sotto only have this to say to Ubial: “Your position is temporary but the damage you will cause cannot be reversed.”

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