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Wag mangsagasa! Duterte to emergency vehicle drivers: Drive normally

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By Prince Golez

Be a safe and responsible driver, President Rodrigo Duterte reminded emergency responders on Tuesday.

In his speech during the turnover ceremony of the 74 fire trucks at the Lapu-Lapu Grandstand of Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Duterte said that sirens should not be used to destroy properties or to kill.

“You do not have to hurry up. All you do is to drive normally and switch on the siren para may malaman nagmamadali ka at paraanin niyo sila. Yung nasa gitna medyo tatabi dahan-dahan,” the President said.

“Walang ka rason-rason mamatay ‘yung tao. So, ang ginawa ko pina-lecture ko sila lahat that when you are behind a wheel and there is an assistance or an emergency and you put on the blinker it is not a license for you to just drive whatever the space in the streets may be.

“Ang pinakahulugan ng siren is tumabi kayo kasi may emergency… Yang siren na yan would put on notice publicly na may emergency,” he added.

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